Our resumes, our talents and our work styles may vary wildly. But we all share a singular passion for creating memorable experiences.


Who We Are

Ambient  is a boutique brand management  and creative services agency specializing in brand marketing , Strategic Planning,  website development, video production , promotion,print , electronic advertising, trade show campaigns, event marketing, creative strategy, logo design, brand loyalty programs and other brand marketing initiatives. 

Our company is comprised of only the most talented creatives and we believe that this group is capable of producing anything, anywhere, anytime with anyone. We love what we do and are inspired everyday to create something new.

We want to help make people successful. We want our clients to grow and reach their dreams. If we can do the creative work that helps them reach their goals, enjoying the creative collaboration it takes to create something new while making it profitable for everyone, we have succeeded. To us, success is a by-product of following our rules and helping others obtain their dreams.

We have 30 years of experience bringing our most fantastical visions to life. From budgeting to sourcing, planning, and execution, we can create experiences of any size and complexity, with a truly obsessive attention to detail.  

We don't hire people who fit into a mold. We seek out unique perspectives, expertise we don't yet have, or talents we envy. Time and again we have shown that the more diverse the team, the more powerful the result.


Our Team


Greg Mills

CEO, Founder

Greg is not only the CEO and President of Ambient Solutions, he is also the founder. Greg makes it his responsibility to make sure the agency continues to grow and evolve by anticipating the needs of our clients. This includes constantly evaluating what we offer, how we work, and where we are located in order to become an invaluable partner to a growing list of global brands and emerging companies with big plans. Greg is passionate about helping our clients achieve their business objectives through strategic and effective brand experiences, and as a result, Ambient has built long lasting relationships with some of the most successful companies in the world and attracts amazing talent and delivers innovative and effective work.


Veronica Alvarado

VP Marketing

With nearly 25+ years of expertise, Veronica Alvarado is a marketing entrepreneur with a long, proven track record of inspirational successes. Through sheer hard work and a tireless drive to deliver impeccable results, Veronica rose in the ranks of the marketing industry, particularly for her consistent ability to communicate effectively to the Hispanic community through tailored campaigns and promotional launches.Veronica's all-encompassing marketing knowledge, has helped Ambient to do it all; this includes all types of marketing – promotions or productions – and all their respective stages, from the creative planning and strategizing, to negotiating with vendors, to the final execution of events or campaigns. In addition,


Emmett Dunlap Jr

Brand Ambassador

Mr. Dunlap has been involved creating, branding and marketing for over 20 years working in the United States and Canada with numerous organizations, celebrities and athletes. He is very excited to bring his talents to Ambient Solutions.


Isaac Cuevas

VP of Cultural Marketing

Isaac Cuevas is a seasoned marketing professional with over 18 years of experience, specializing in building awareness for properties and brands through traditional and digital media. Isaac is known for creating targeted campaigns with an emphasis in culturally relevant approach, using publicity, promotional and creative advertising strategies. Targeted segments he's specialized in include Faith-Based Communities, Hispanic, African American, Asian American, and Matures (50+). 


Bernie Nicholls

Brand Ambassador

(born June 24, 1961) A Canadian former professional ice hockey centre. His junior career was spent with the Kingston Canadians, where he established himself as a dynamic scorer and a multi-faceted talent. He was selected by the Los Angeles Kings. Over his 18 year playing career, Nicholls would play 1127 games[1] for the Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks, scoring 1209 points. He is one of only 8 players in NHL history to score 70 goals in one season, and one of 5 to score 150 points. Nicholls was born in Haliburton, Ontario, but grew up in West Guilford, Ontario. He is a avid golfer and Hunter, and part owner of the first ever sports stock market


Saul Escudero

Brand  Ambassador

Has worked a lifetime to create connections to the entertainment industry that are second to none. Dedicated to providing the direction and leadership necessary to help a business succeed, he has long served as a resource center to the sports entertainment and motion picture industry. Saul possesses skills that can easily put your project in the view of key players in multiple markets. Engaging customers is his strength, in order to meet or exceed the sales goals of any company . Saul brings leadership and experience to our team, delivering the intended results and assisting companies to achieve their goals and leave a lasting positive impression for that company’s brand recognition.


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