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Get one bag...and we’ll give you endless possibilities.

The Printed “Face” Panels are Interchangeable.

So just like your favorite t-shirts, you can now have a different cool graphic on your back every day.


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It all started when our founder got a new Fender Stratocaster. He wanted to get a cool guitar bag for it and when he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he decided to make his own.

At first the idea was to simply make cool guitar bags. But that wasn’t quite good enough. So he slept on it until one night at 2:00am the idea of interchangeable “faces” popped into his head. And that changed everything.

The entire front panel of each bag (the “face”) is easily interchangeable in seconds, and beautifully printed using the latest in dye sublimation technology. Simply pull one face off and put another face on. Get one bag and you can switch the face, and your style, anytime you want.

Next, we added two backpack lines… a standard sized backpack for older kids and adults, and a smaller backpack for juniors and smaller bodies. All with interchangeable faces.  More cool products are in the hopper.

We also make sure to produce only top quality bags… there is absolutely no need to compromise quality for style. You won’t be disappointed, and that’s a guarantee. 

Our prime directive at BOLDFACE is to create products that no one else in the whole world is making. Our daily “why” is to bring little smiles to our customers in the midst of their busy lives. Our bigger “why” is to support charities for children because that is what really touches our hearts.

We make all of the faces at our shop in Redondo Beach, California, a short skateboard to the beach.  Our shop includes a dye sublimation system, a few guitars, a handful of industrial sewing machines, some skateboards, big cutting tables, a really loud stereo system, PCs and Macs, a coffee machine, a BBQ grill, a refrigerator filled with cold drinks, and our kids running around on weekends… they love working in the shop and are the creative directors and test engineers for the junior products.

Get one bag… and we’ll give you endless possibilities.

The Boldface Team

Backpacks and Gig Bags. 

Outer shell:  100% Polyester

Inner lining:  100% nylon

Printed face:  White Polyester front laminated to black Polyester knit backing


791 Price Street, #115
​Pismo Beach, CA 93449

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