Geofencing Mobile Advertising


Geofencing Mobile Advertising


People don’t look for ads. They look for authentic content that entertains and educates in quick doses, and for personalized experiences that make life easier, help them to feel a little more famous, and connect them to their favorite people. Brands have to become more service-minded and give people tools and content that make interacting with them a joy. Everything has to be entertaining or useful—or both.


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Geofencing Mobile Advertising

Geofencing means your ad only displays within a specific radius of a given target. Through Ambient Solutions proven technology, your ad will display within distance of whatever location you specify, whether it’s your own place of business, a landmark or even a particular zip code. Targeting starts at a 5-mile radius and then expands outward based on your specifications.

You can start displaying your ad to mobile phone users within proximity of your place of business, driving foot traffic to your door immediately.

Time your ads to appear! If you’re a business like a restaurant or a spa and you’re looking to drive traffic at a particular time of day  then  can run  your ad only during the time of day that you specify. Get exposure to potential customers – at the right time, and in the right location.

Big Data Ad-Serving Algorithms Applied in Real-Time

Proven technology 3 years in the making now available to the mobile ecosystem

The IPS platform provides low friction access to a high availability, real-time multivariate analytics solution which continuously optimizes mobile ad campaigns. Brand and direct response marketers need to deliver the right message to the best audience at the best time and place. IPS has developed and optimized a machine-learning data process to enable campaigns to perform at the highest levels from day one. Advertisers benefit from the billions of transactions IPS processes monthly. The campaign is being optimized immediately and adjusted accordingly using data and consumer profiles to drive the best results.

Dynamic Ad Serving Based on Location, Publisher, App, & Consumer
IPS Ad Advisor empowers ad networks, ad exchanges, publishers and developers to add predictive modeling to their offerings to maximize revenue with dynamic ad serving and custom messaging. Continuous improvement for over 10 years has yielded a set of machine learning algorithms that work in concert to optimize both supply and demand. The algorithm combines user data, advertiser campaigns and current context to create a multi-level map predicting user engagement. IPS Ad Advisor is designed and built to deliver the best ad to the right audience in the optimal context at the right moment in time. Contact us today to learn how our algorithm works.

Using Data to Drive Reach Targeted Results

Ambient Solutions knows that if decisions can’t be made in the moment, then user and brand experience both suffer. Our priority with each piece of technology we create is to bring real-time solutions that drive results. IPS data scientists, digital marketing strategists and services teams work in close collaboration with customers to deliver innovative and advanced solutions to maximize the goals of each campaign. Our team is dedicated to applying our big data/big process experience to our clients needs and delivering maximum results.

Mobile Advertising Network

We have built a network offering more than one billion impressions per month. And through our partnerships with some of the biggest sites today, we are able to display ads on third-party networks at a rate of more than 100 billion impressions monthly. 

Track and analyze your advertising results! IPS offers big data analytics to even the smallest advertisers. Understand user behavior and engage in real-time campaign measurement to target consumers at a point when they’re ready to engage. 

Local Mobile Advertising Made Simple. Companies looking to target potential customers through the exploding reach of mobile devices turn to IPS. We offer a range of reach, targeting and results through all forms of mobile advertising: search, display, in app, maps, directory, social and video. IPS will handle every step of your campaign, from design to reporting.

Step 1

After sign-up, receive a call from an IPS Mobile Expert to finalize details of your mobile ad campaign.

Step 2

IPS will design and code the landing page and banner ad for your business. All you need to do is review and approve the art.

Step 3
Your ad will be displayed thousands of times a month on hundreds of top apps.

Step 4
Start receiving calls, in store visits and more. Plus, you can review your campaign's performance with your monthly analytics report.


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