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Our Interactive Video advertising application is ready for instant use on interactive DVD, Internet television, mobile video and the web.

Removing the boundaries between entertainment, advertising and sales to create a unified viewer-friendly environment.


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We Create:

  • Advertising content that is "DVR-Proof"
  • Viewer-guided advertising content
  • Entertainment that escorts the viewer from content to purchase
  • Content embedded with seamless branding integration
  • Interaction with your audience without commercials, pop-ups, or banner ads.
  • Monetization of viral marketing videos
  • Socially good marketing projects
  • Interactive Video Advertising that creates a viewer-friendly shopping experience while still enjoying entertainment
  • Sales generated and realized in entertainment video

Viral Marketing Application

Our Viral Marketing Application™ (VMA) is a social media and internet marketing strategy that combines proven and effective marketing techniques in a unique package designed to stimulate viral sharing and distribution. VMA was designed to distribute each release to a fresh, highly focused, target market viewership that is most likely to share content with their social network of friends and family.

How is video content distributed using VMA?
Distribution utilizes a unique merging of effective Internet Marketing and Social Media strategies including:

Fan-based Email Distribution
Videos are maintained on the web 24/7; this affords an anticipated distribution to unlimited viewers, and sales generation.

Affiliate Marketing
Utilizing a consumer-based affiliate program. We have techniques to encourage content sharing to focused demographics.

Social Media
Directing distribution and buzz on targeted Social media channels will be utilized to get videos in front of viewers that are interested in the same subject matter and product lines. These focused distributions will generate additional viewership/affiliates to help expand virally. 
This revolutionary integration of affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email distribution and fan-based content distribution is a powerful combination of strategies that will help fuel marketing momentum AND sales.

iNet Entertainment’s Revolutionary Entertainment Marketing Application

How the Integrated Branding application works
Watching a show on a computer or interactive TV, viewers can simply scroll over products highlighted throughout the video or that display in a carousel along the side. Viewers roll their mouse over and click on products they see within the video to get more information. The boutique catalog page opens with full item description, photo and pricing, including a video that continually loops displaying the product "in action". The viewer selects a "Buy Now" button that links to the sponsor’s shopping cart for purchase. This Integrated Branding not only provides company’s product placement in entertainment, but also engages viewers in an interactive relationship with the products, and reduces the buying cycle time to "zero" by allowing consumers to purchase the item when they first see it.


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